WSR 18-09-102
[Filed April 18, 2018, 9:03 a.m.]
The department of ecology (ecology) is withdrawing its notice of rule making (Preproposal Statement of Inquiry CR-101 form) filed February 6, 2017, AO 16-09, WSR 17-05-021 and immediately filing a new preproposal statement of inquiry for this rule making.
Ecology proposed to amend chapter 173-455 WAC, Air quality fee rule and chapter 173-400 WAC, General regulations for air pollution sources. The air quality fee rule consolidates most of the air quality related fees into one chapter so the regulated community can easily find what fees they may need to pay. The general regulations for air pollution sources establishes the regulatory framework to ensure healthy air quality in Washington and meet federal air quality standards.
As we prepared to propose rule amendments we realized we were changing the structure of the registration program without clearly identifying this as a purpose in our original notice of rule making. Therefore, ecology is withdrawing our original notice of rule making and immediately refiling a notice of rule making, including the original topics identified and expanding the scope to include this action.
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