WSR 20-14-127
[Filed July 1, 2020, 11:28 a.m.]
This memo serves as notice that the department of health (department) is withdrawing the CR-101 for chapter 246-945 WAC, Pharmacy quality assurance commission (commission). The department, in consultation with the commission, is considering creating a new section in the chapter of rule to move existing licensing fees collected by the commission into the new consolidated chapter created by the commission. The department, in consultation with the commission, will also consider changes to renewal cycles, and restructuring the fees for drug researchers as requested by stakeholders during public comment of the pharmacy chapter rewrite. This package was filed February 25, 2020, and published in WSR 20-06-026.
The department is withdrawing this CR-101 because the legislature passed SB 6086 during the 2020 session. This law establishes a new registration for pharmacies' remote dispensing sites and grants the department the authority to set fees for this registration. Statute also requires the licensing boards and commissions to be self-funding and set reasonable fees to cover the cost of operating the program. As we cannot have the same section open twice at the same time, and both the registration fee resulting from SB 6086 and the fee considerations included in this package are critical to commission operations, the department, in consultation with the commission, determined it would be most efficient to rescind the existing CR-101 and refile with a broader scope to accommodate all rule-making needs on this issue.
Individuals requiring information on this rule should contact Cori Tarzwell, policy analyst, at
Tami M. Thompson
Regulatory Affairs Manager