HB 2021

                         C 273 L 91

                     Synopsis As Enacted


Brief Description:  Extending the joint select committee on water resource policy.


By Representatives Fraser, Miller, Valle, McLean, Edmondson, Jacobsen, Nealey, Paris, Chandler and Wynne; by request of Joint Select Committee on Water Resource Policy.


House Committee on Natural Resources & Parks

Senate Committee on Agriculture & Water Resources


Background:  The Joint Select Committee on Water Resource Policy was created in 1988. The committee was created to study water resource policy and to make recommendations to the Legislature regarding allocations of water resources, prioritization of the use of water, and revisions to existing water law. The committee is composed of 12 voting members jointly appointed by the speaker of the House and the president of the Senate.  Under current law the committee on Water Resource Policy will expire on July 1, 1991.


In 1990 the Joint Select Committee sponsored legislation which requires comprehensive water resource planning on a regional basis throughout the state. The cooperative planning process involves state, local, and tribal governments and interested parties.  The committee participated in development of the comprehensive planning process and regional planning which will soon be initiated in two pilot regions in the state.


The committee sponsored legislation this session to further implement water resource policy recommendations.  Continued legislative involvement is anticipated as the results of the two pilot regions are evaluated. Members of the Joint Select Committee  will also continue to monitor the comprehensive planning process.


Summary:  The Joint Select Committee on Water Resource Policy is extended through June 30, 1993.  The committee will monitor the implementation of comprehensive water resource planning and data management.  The committee will work with state, tribal, and local governments and interested parties to identify issues and to develop recommendations to the Legislature regarding water resource needs.  The committee will report annually to the Legislature.


Votes on Final Passage: 


House  98   0

Senate 45   0


Effective:    July 28, 1991