ESCR 8400

             As Reported By House Committee on:




Brief Description:  Endorsing the VISION:  EDUCATION 2001 statement.


Sponsor(s):  Senators Bailey, Rinehart, Erwin, Murray, Oke and Skratek.


Brief History:

  Reported by House Committee on:

Education, April 3, 1991, DP.





Majority Report:  Do pass.  Signed by 17 members:  Representatives Peery, Chair; G. Fisher, Vice Chair; Brough, Ranking Minority Member; Vance, Assistant Ranking Minority Member; Betrozoff; Broback; Cole; Dorn; Holland; P. Johnson; Jones; Neher; Orr; Phillips; Rasmussen; Roland; and Valle.


Staff:  Robert Butts (786-7111).


Background:  In the fall of 1989, the Education Vision Team was created.  Its membership is comprised of persons representing the following groups:


oWashington State School Directors' Association

oWashington Association of School Administrators

oAssociation of Washington School Principals

oWashington Education Association

oWashington State PTA

oOffice of the Superintendent of Public Instruction

oState Board of Education

oOffice of the Governor

oSenate Education Committee

oHouse Education Committee

oWashington (Business) Roundtable


The Education Vision Team was created for the purpose of developing a common vision of education for the state.  In June 1990, the team adopted its VISION: EDUCATION 2001 statement.  Since that time, every group represented on the Education Vision Team, except for the Legislature, formally has endorsed the vision statement.


Summary of Bill:  The VISION: EDUCATION 2001 statement adopted by the Education Vision Team is endorsed by the Legislature.  The statement establishes a purpose for education, and strategic directions that should be followed.


Fiscal Note:  Requested March 26, 1991.


Effective Date:  Upon adoption by the House and Senate.


Testimony For:  The direction for K-12 education established in the VISION: EDUCATION 2001 statement is comprehensive and well-directed.


Testimony Against:  None.


Witnesses:  Kris Van Gorkom, Washington Association of School Administrators; and Walter Ball, Association of Washington School Principals.