HB 1732

                                 C 99 L 92

                            Synopsis As Enacted


Brief Description:  Allowing cities over 400,000 population to assign warrant servers to the police department.


By Representatives Appelwick, Winsley, Wineberry, Locke, Ferguson, Scott and Forner.


Senate Committee on Law & Justice


Background:  Until 1977, police departments served warrants issued by the municipal courts.  However, a law enacted in that year made the position of warrant server a function of the municipal court.


Summary:  The title of "warrant server" is changed to "warrant officer."  Warrant officers are to be employees of the city police departments.  Warrant officers may make arrests under warrants and as authorized by city ordinance.


Votes on Final Passage: 


House 96    0

Senate   44    1    (Senate amended)

House 96    0    (House concurred)


Effective:     June 11, 1992