SB 5947


                             AS OF APRIL 25, 1991



Brief Description:  Providing for a separate contract for fire protection between a city or town and state agency.


SPONSORS:Senators McDonald and Niemi; by request of Department of Community Development and Office of Financial Management.




Staff:  Barbara Howard (786‑7410)


Hearing Dates:April 26, 1991





Since 1979, state agencies have been authorized to contract with cities for fire protection services to state facilities within the city boundaries.  Funding for the contract has come through an appropriation to the Department of Community Development (DCD), which allocated the money on the basis of the square footage of the various facilities.  Another statute allows cities to contract further with state agencies if the funding from the appropriation is deemed inadequate by mutual agreement.


In October of last year, the Kittitas County Superior Court ruled in favor of the city of Ellensburg in a challenge to the formula as it applied to Central Washington University (CWU).  The court developed its own formula in the order, requiring that the funding be based on a calculation of population, property value and fire calls to the University.




The ability of cities and state agencies to contract for fire service to state facilities is retained.  The provision which required an appropriation to DCD is repealed.


Appropriation:  none


Revenue:  none


Fiscal Note:  requested April 16, 1991