SB 6164


                            AS OF JANUARY 29, 1992



Brief Description:  Enhancing youth recreation opportunities.


SPONSORS: Senators Talmadge, Moore, Skratek and Pelz




Staff:  Richard Rodger (786‑7461)


Hearing Dates: February 3, 1992





Numerous organizations have reported about the severe shortage of youth recreational facilities available within our state.  Many youth sports teams have found it difficult to obtain practice sites due to the scarcity and high demand of the sites. 


It is suggested that additional funding is needed to purchase and construct more recreational facilities, and to renovate and maintain existing recreational centers.  It is also suggested that additional funds should be dedicated to sports medicine research and to training programs devoted to the teaching of injury prevention techniques.


A person who assaults a referee, umpire, judge, manager, or coach is guilty of assault in the fourth degree.  Assault in the fourth degree a gross misdemeanor.




An assessment in the amount of 25 cents is imposed on every admission to a professional sporting event held within this state.  The proceeds shall be deposited in a youth recreation account created by the State Treasurer.


The Department of Community Development shall establish an advisory committee to review grant applications for the purchase and construction of youth recreational facilities.  The advisory committee includes representatives from the State Parks and Recreation Commission, professional sports teams, youth sports teams, local governments, and nonprofit entities.


The department shall distribute the funds deposited in the  youth recreational account through grants to local governments, public agencies, and private nonprofit entities to be used for: (1) the purchase, construction and maintenance of recreational facilities; (2) the extension of hours in existing facilities; (3) the funding of sports medicine research; and (4) the creation of comprehensive training programs devoted to teaching injury prevention techniques.


The department shall give priority to projects which are matched by nonstate cash or in-kind resources.  The department shall also ensure the geographical diversity of the funded projects.


Referees, umpires, judges, managers, and coaches who participate in youth sports, or who perform their duties on a voluntary basis, are granted immunity for their good faith acts conducted in the performance of their duties.


A person is guilty of assault in the third degree if he or she assaults any referee, umpire, judge, manager, or coach either during a sporting event or immediately following the event.  Assault in the third degree is a class "C" felony.


Appropriation:  none


Revenue:  yes


Fiscal Note:  requested January 27, 1992