HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 92-4781, by Representatives Wineberry, Ballard, Locke, Prince, Anderson, Miller, O'Brien, Franklin, Brekke, Belcher, Valle, Heavey, Nelson, Leonard, Ogden, Jacobsen, Appelwick, J. Kohl, Prentice and Horn


    WHEREAS, In September 1962, Fitzgerald Beaver first published The Facts, which was at the time the only newspaper published by and for Seattle's African American community; and

    WHEREAS, In the ensuing thirty years of publication, The Facts became the Northwest's largest African American-owned publication and was recognized as the official voice of the Northwest African American community; and

    WHEREAS, Through his pioneering journalism efforts, Fitzgerald Beaver became known as the godfather of black media; and

    WHEREAS, On September 7, 1983, The Facts grew into a sixteen-page, "metro-size" chronicle on African American heritage, reporting on the growth and success of the African American community; and

    WHEREAS, During his thirty-two years of residence in Seattle, Fitzgerald Beaver was recognized as a community servant and leader, receiving more than one hundred community service awards; and

    WHEREAS, Fitzgerald Beaver served as a role model to other African American journalists and entrepreneurs, and a scholarship fund has been established in his name that will award scholarships to students whose academic and community commitment exemplify the qualities that Fitzgerald Beaver stood for; and

    WHEREAS, The African American community, the journalism industry, and residents of the state of Washington lost a friend and leader with the January 1, 1992, passing of Fitzgerald Beaver; and

    WHEREAS, This is Black History Month and there is no more appropriate time to pay tribute to this man;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives honor the life and work of Fitzgerald Beaver and pays its respect to the memory of this special man.