S-0811.1/91       _______________________________________________


                         SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 8401



State of Washington              52nd Legislature             1991 Regular Session


By Senators Metcalf, Owen, Conner, Oke and Thorsness.


Read first time January 28, 1991.  Referred to Committee on Environment & Natural Resources.Resolving to commend and encourage the media for environmental information.

     WHEREAS, The state of Washington possesses an extraordinary natural environment treasured by its citizens; and

     WHEREAS, The centerpiece of the Washington Environment 2010 vision is a citizenry that is the most environmentally enlightened in the country; and

     WHEREAS, The news media in the state of Washington provide vital education by communicating the most important environmental quality issues of our times to the public; and

     WHEREAS, Environmental awareness and responsibility encourage individual lifestyle changes that protect and improve the quality of our environment;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Senate of the state of Washington, the House of Representatives concurring, That the print and electronic media of Washington be commended for advancing environmental education and awareness by their endeavors; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Legislature encourages the media to expand its programming to ensure timely, accurate, and balanced environmental information to every citizen in this state.