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                         SENATE CONCURRENT RESOLUTION 8422



State of Washington              52nd Legislature             1992 Regular Session


By Senators Hayner, Gaspard, Cantu, Rinehart, von Reichbauer and Bauer


Read first time 01/27/92.Endorsing the Council on Education Reform and Funding's goals and mission.

     WHEREAS, The Council on Education Reform and Funding was formed by Governor Gardner by Executive Order No. 91-04 to create an education system that is flexible and ensures that all students perform at substantially higher levels; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has recognized the need to move the education system of Washington from educational inputs to improved student outcomes; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has adopted the following Vision Statement:  The education system in Washington State is world class because all students are successful learners and responsible citizens; and

     WHEREAS, The Council had adopted a mission statement for its work which includes developing a comprehensive, flexible, and integrated education reform plan, that will result in improved performance of all students, and that will be implemented within a five-year time frame; and

     WHEREAS, The Council will deliver action-oriented recommendations to the legislature and the citizens of the State of Washington upon completion of its work in December 1992; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has begun the process for adoption of state-wide Student Learning Goals to be achieved by all children; and

     WHEREAS, The Council has created six subgroups on:  Student Learning, Outcomes, and Assessment; Professional Development; Management, Governance, and Accountability; Resources, Funding, and Accountability; Readiness to Learn; and School to School and School to Work Transitions; and the Council has enlisted additional support of educators, parents, community and business leaders to ensure that the work includes broad perspectives; and

     WHEREAS, The Council is working to coordinate complex and sometimes competing issues; and

     WHEREAS, The Council believes that a strong commitment and concerted effort on the part of every sector and every citizen will be required to ensure students master the Student Learning Goals;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Legislature endorse the Council's charge and plan of work and look forward to receiving its recommendations in December 1992.