By Senators Gaspard, von Reichbauer and Rasmussen


      WHEREAS, The legislature finds and declares that the 1992 Quincentennial of the first voyage of Christopher Columbus to the Americas is a time for all the people of the state of Washington to reflect upon and commemorate that momentous event; and


      WHEREAS, That first voyage and the three voyages by Columbus and his crews that followed produced a series of historic encounters between the people and civilizations of the two hemispheres, enabling new nations and cultures to come into being; and


      WHEREAS, American history texts tend to deemphasize early Hispanic contributions to United States history, and Hispanic contributions since that time have been underappreciated and underpromoted, including the discovery of the northwest coast of North America by Juan Perez; and


      WHEREAS, The Washington State Spanish Quincentennial Foundation views the 1992 commemorations as a unique opportunity to reeducate all Americans of the true history of these discoveries from all perspectives and to use this information to establish a new harmony of all races; and


      WHEREAS, Because of the efforts of the government of Spain, the Spain '92 Foundation, Mr. Luis Fernando Esteban of Ibera Airlines, the Washington State Spanish Quincentennial Foundation, and the Washington State Historical Society, ten Washington students were competitively selected to participate with five hundred other students from around the world in Aventura '92 an educational voyage that followed the route of the fourth voyage of Christopher Columbus from Spain to Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Columbia, Puerto Rico, and Portugal;


      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Senate of the state of Washington that the following students are hereby honored for their selection and participation in a prestigious program to further understanding among the peoples of the world and their contribution to the cause of international cooperation as part of the Spanish Quincentennial commemoration:

      Students -- Alison Baar, Olympia; Todd Denett, Tacoma;

Neita Gallegos, Mt. Vernon; Sonya Garza, Moses Lake; Vicente Gonzalez, Othello; Inti Linkletter, Federal Way; Carla Lobos, Sunnyside; Eddy Lucero, Redondo; Michael Schwager, Bellevue; and Chris "Pepe" Sherwin, Mercer Island;


      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Senate expresses its deep appreciation to the government of Spain, the Spain '92 Foundation, Mr. Luis Fernando Estaban, the Honorable Max Vekich, Iberia Airlines, and the Washington State Spanish Quincentennial Foundation for establishing such a valuable international education initiation.


I, Gordon A. Golob, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 1991‑8604,

adopted by the Senate January 21, 1991.





Secretary of the Senate