By Senators Gaspard and von Reichbauer


     BE IT RESOLVED, That Senate Resolution 1991-8606, adopting the Rules of the Senate for the 1991 Regular Session of the 52nd Legislature, be amended as follows:



     On page 7, add the following language at the end of Rule 13:


     "Recognizing the public concern about lobbyist influence on the legislative process, the Senate encourages more complete disclosure of all gifts from lobbyists registered pursuant to chapter 42.17 RCW by requiring the following:

     (1) Each quarter, beginning with the 2nd calendar quarter of 1991, each Senator and staff member of the Senate shall advise the public disclosure commission of all gifts, received by that Senator or staff member.

     For this rule, "gift" means a rendering of money, property, services, discount, loan forgiveness, payment of indebtedness, reimbursements from or payments by persons, other than the state of Washington or any agency or political subdivision thereof, for travel or anything else of value in excess of fifty dollars in return for which legal consideration of equal or greater value is not given and received but does not include:

     (a) Any contribution that is required to be reported under chapter 42.17 RCW;

     (b) Any informational material that is transferred for the purpose of informing the recipient about matters pertaining to official legislative business, and that is not intended to financially benefit that recipient;

     (c) Any symbolic presentation that is not intended to financially benefit the recipient;

     (d) Any hosting in the form of entertainment, meals, or refreshments, the value of which does not exceed one hundred dollars, furnished in connection with official appearances, official ceremonies, and occasions where official legislative business is discussed;

     (e) Gifts that are not used and that, within thirty days after receipt, are returned to the donor or delivered to a charitable organization without being claimed as a charitable contribution for tax purposes;

     (f) Intrafamily gifts; or

     (g) Gifts received in the normal course of private business or social interaction that are not related to public policy decisions or legislative actions.

     (2) The lobbyists shall provide each member a timely report of such gifts."