By Senator Rasmussen


     WHEREAS, The Olympia area continues to enjoy its usual wet and rainy season while the 1992 Legislature is in session; and


     WHEREAS, Members of the public and the Legislature daily travel between the Legislative Buildings on the Capitol Campus; and


     WHEREAS, An underground tunnel for many years has connected the present John A. Cherberg and John L. O'Brien Buildings, which respectively house offices of members of the Senate and the House of Representatives and offices of committees and hearing rooms; and


     WHEREAS, Modern technology has developed high-precision tunneling machines and the Robbins Company of Kent, Washington, is the world-wide leader in manufacturing these tunneling devices; and


     WHEREAS, A tunnel between the juncture of the Cherberg-O'Brien buildings underground walkway, connecting to the Legislative Building would permit passage of the public, members of the Legislature and staff employees in a fashion that would keep all out of the rain and dry;


     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Department of General Administration immediately be requested to plan and submit recommendations on completing such a tunnel.