By Senator Anderson


     WHEREAS, Giving it their all, the boys basketball players from Lynden High School won the state class A tournament in Tacoma on March 7, 1992; and


     WHEREAS, Only through teamwork were Chad Baar, Lance Campbell, Brent Clark, Joel DeJong, Jeff Dykstra, Curt Eshuif, Brian Foote, Tim Hanson, Colby Jones, Derek Monson, Shane Roff, and Shon Tenkley able to have such a successful season and capture the state class A championship, their second in a row; and


     WHEREAS, Lion head coach John Clark, himself a former Lion basketball star, described his players as "Great, great, great," and the players, through their hard work and perseverance all season, have demonstrated that they deserve such a description; and


     WHEREAS, Individual team members earned special recognition for their outstanding tournament play, with senior center Chad Baar being selected to the all-tournament team and senior guard Lance Campbell topping off the tournament by being named Most Valuable Player; and


     WHEREAS, Old and new Lions alike are proud of this team and its coaches, and all future Lions will aspire to earn their own state championship; and


     WHEREAS, No Lion sports or academic team would be complete without a den of families, friends, directors, assistant coaches, managers, teachers, and other members of the community giving their whole-hearted support; and


     WHEREAS, Senators individually and as a collective body desire to recognize and honor Washington youth who do what it takes to be the best;


     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate hereby recognize and honor the Lynden High School Lions boys basketball team for its recent garnering of the state class A tournament; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Senate immediately transmit copies of this resolution to each of the above-named players, Head Coach Clark, and to the principal and student body president of Lynden High School.