By Senator Anderson


     WHEREAS, Playing hard, screening, passing, shooting, and assisting, the girls and boys basketball teams from Nooksack Valley High School earned fourth and sixth places, respectively, in the state class A tournament held in Tacoma March 3-7, 1992; and


     WHEREAS, Individually and as a team, Shannon Bode, Kristin Bruland, Laura Bruland, Trina Hougen, Amber Jackson, Kelli Kamphouse, Lyndi Matthiesen, Tami Newton, Danielle Phillips, Leslie Lootens, Kelli Swanson, and Erika Watson played with conviction and zeal, topping off a successful season for the girls team; and


     WHEREAS, On the boys squad, T.J. Ackerman, Kevin Barthlomae, Mike Coppinger, Nathan Dykstra, Wade Gardner, Louie Gong, Aaron Kortlever, Dan Larson, Jay McBeath, Joey Munkers, Dusty Portinga, and Troy Slayton likewise completed their successful season with a great effort; and


     WHEREAS, Nooksack Valley head coaches John Groom and Mike Elsner, and assistant coaches Sue Robinson, Pat Shannon, and Pat Rogers have instilled in these girls and boys a sense of pride in their ability to be competitive with the best teams in the state; and


     WHEREAS, Energetic, capable, and competitive, the Pioneers played with courage reminiscent of true pioneers of the past; and


     WHEREAS, Every Pioneer, young and old, is proud of the girls and boys on these teams, and future Pioneers will work hard to win future tournaments; and


     WHEREAS, Readily known is that no Pioneer sports or academic team would be complete without families, friends, directors, teachers, managers like Lisa Steiner and Paul Campbell, statisticians, and other members of the school and community giving their whole-hearted support; and


     WHEREAS, Senators individually and as a collective body desire to recognize and honor Washington youth who work hard in school and compete with pride and determination;


     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate hereby recognize and honor the Nooksack Valley High School Pioneers girls and boys basketball teams for their recent success in the state class A basketball tournament; and


     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Senate immediately transmit copies of this resolution to each of the above-named players, Head Coaches Groom and Elsner, Principal Ken Crawford, and the student body president of Nooksack Valley High School.