Provides campaign contribution limits.

      Designates attribution of contributions determinations, including family and controlled entities contributions.

      Specifies limitations on employers or labor organizations.

      Provides for revisions of the monetary limits.

      Provides time limit for state officials to solicit or accept contributions.

      Places restrictions on loans.

      Regulates contributions on behalf of other persons.

      Requires certain contributions to be by written instrument.

      Regulates solicitation of contributions by government employees.

      Prohibits solicitation of fees for endorsements, reimbursement for contributions, and use of contributions for a different office.

      Revises provision for transfer of funds and use of funds for another office.

      Revises provision limiting candidate personal fund loans.

      Revises provision requiring independent expenditure advertising disclosure.

      Regulates the use of public funds or office for political purposes.

      Limits franking privileges.

      Revises provision for independent expenditure annual reporting.

      Revises penalty provision of RCW 42.17.390.

      Requires public disclosure commission audits.

      Revises provision requiring public official annual reporting of "gifts".

      Requires notification of gifts by lobbyist.