SB 5116-S - DIGEST


                              (DIGEST AS ENACTED)


      Allows a school bus driver who observes a violation of RCW 46.61.370 to prepare a written report and deliver the report to a law enforcement official within seventy-two hours of the violation.

      Authorizes an investigation to commence within ten working days following the report.

      Provides for a pilot program to test the feasibility of using video cameras to identify motorists and vehicles that illegally pass school buses.

      Provides that the act shall be null and void if appropriations are not approved.




                        March 26, 1992

To the Honorable, the Senate

  of the State of Washington

Ladies and Gentlemen:

      I am returning herewith, without my approval as to section 4, Substitute Senate Bill No. 5116 entitled:

"AN ACT Relating to transportation safety."

      Substitute Senate Bill No. 5116 is the product of work by the task force on school bus safety.   It includes several excellent provisions to assist law enforcement personnel in enforcing school bus stop laws and enhancing school bus safety.  I applaud and fully support these provisions.

      However, section 4 would change current Washington State Patrol rules to allow school buses to utilize their hazard strobe lamps regardless of whether it is warranted by hazardous conditions.  Studies indicate that overuse of hazard warning lights ultimately diminishes their effectiveness.  For this reason, I have vetoed section 4 of Substitute Senate Bill No. 5116.

      With the exception of section 4, Substitute Senate Bill No. 5116 is approved.

                        Respectfully submitted,

                        Booth Gardner