HB 1036

                          C 7 L 93

                     Synopsis as Enacted


Brief Description:  Correcting a double amendment relating to funding bonds.


By Representatives H. Myers, Bray, Edmondson and Springer; by request of Law Revision Commission.


House Committee on Local Government

Senate Committee on Government Operations


Background:  Legislation was enacted in 1983 altering a large number of statutes relating to bonds that local governments may issue.  A wide range of changes were made reforming the statutes under which local governments issue and sell bonds.  Among other changes, local governments were given the option to issue registered bonds or bearer bonds.


The 1983 legislation both repealed and amended RCW 85.07.080.  The amendment to RCW 85.07.080 deleted language requiring certain bonds issued by diking or drainage districts to be registered bonds and retained language directing the purchaser of the bonds to pay the county treasurer for the bonds and that these moneys are to be used for the benefit of the diking or drainage district that issued the bonds.


Summary:  RCW 85.07.080, which was both amended and repealed in the same 1983 legislation, is repealed.


Votes on Final Passage:


House  95 0

Senate 40 0


Effective:  July 25, 1993