SHB 1452

                          C 81 L 93

                     Synopsis as Enacted


Brief Description:  Specifying information that must be made available to parties affected by adoption.


By House Committee on Human Services (originally sponsored by Representatives Riley, Heavey, Brown, Flemming, Karahalios, Cooke, Wineberry, Valle, Romero, Leonard, G. Cole, Mielke, Anderson and Ballard).


House Committee on Human Services

Senate Committee on Health & Human Services


Background:  People adopting children receive written information on adoption related services.  People who facilitate adoptions are required to provide family background and related reports on the adoptive child to the adoptive parent.  The reports cannot reveal the identity of the birth parent.


Summary: The types of nonidentifying information which can be provided to adoptive parents when they adopt a child are enumerated.  The Department of Health is required to provide a noncertified copy of the original birth certificate to the adoptee, after the adoptee's 18th birthday, unless the birth parent has signed an affidavit of nondisclosure.


Votes on Final Passage:


House  95 1

Senate 33 12


Effective:  July 25, 1993