SHB 1518

                     Synopsis as Enacted

                         C 182 L 93


Brief Description:  Creating a water trail recreation program.


By House Committee on Natural Resources & Parks (originally sponsored by Representatives Valle, Dunshee, Pruitt, Rust, J. Kohl, Holm, Jacobsen, Linville and Eide).


House Committee on Natural Resources & Parks

House Committee on Appropriations

Senate Committee on Ecology & Parks


Background:  In January 1993, the State Parks and Recreation Commission designated the state's first official water trail.  The trail runs from south Puget Sound into the San Juan Islands.  The commission designated 12 state parks as part of the water trail.  In addition, the Department of Natural Resources has approved the use of eight Department of Natural Resources (DNR) marine recreation sites as part of the same trail.


Summary:  A state water trail recreation program is created in statute, to be administered by the State Parks and Recreation Commission.  The commission is authorized to plan, construct and maintain facilities for water trail activities.  The commission may also publish and charge a fee for maps and other forms of public information indicating areas and facilities suitable for water trail activities, and may work with groups who wish to volunteer support for the water trail program.


A Water Trail Advisory Committee is created to advise the commission on matters related to water trails.  The advisory committee is made up of public members representing water trail users, public members representing the commercial sector, and representatives of state agencies and local government associations.


A water trail permit system is created, with the fee for an annual permit to be determined by the commission after consultation with the Water Trails Advisory Committee.  A violation of the act is considered a civil infraction.  The permit fees, fines, and revenues from sales of publications are to be deposited into the water trail program account  the state treasury.  Moneys in this account are subject to appropriation and may only be spent by the commission for water trail purposes.


Votes on Final Passage:


House  97 10

Senate 42 2


Effective:  July 25, 1993