SHB 1561

                          C 99 L 94

                     Synopsis as Enacted


Brief Description:  Studying whether preschools should be regulated like agencies that care for children, expectant mothers, and developmentally disabled people.


By House Committee on Human Services (originally sponsored by Representatives Brown, Wolfe, Thibaudeau, Mastin, J. Kohl, H. Myers, Johanson, Romero, Leonard, Karahalios and L. Johnson).


House Committee on Human Services

Senate Committee on Health & Human Services


Background:  Agencies that receive children, expectant mothers, or persons with developmental disabilities for care, control or maintenance outside their homes are licensed by the Department of Social and Health Services. These agencies include child-placing agencies, maternity services, day-care centers, foster-family homes, and crisis residential centers.


However, nursery schools and kindergartens which are primarily engaged in educational work with preschool children for less than four hours a day are exempted from the requirements of licensure as child care agencies.


Educational programs and facilities for preschool children are provided by both public and private providers.  Public providers funded through the Early Childhood Assistance Program are subject to rules adopted by the Department of Community Development.  Private providers may choose to be accredited by the Office Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Summary:  The Child Care Coordinating Committee is required to develop a phase-in strategy with specific recommendations involving programs serving preschool children, and to report to the Legislature by December 1, 1994.


Votes on Final Passage:


House  69 23

Senate 40 6


Effective:  June 9, 1994