HB 2338

                          C 83 L 94

                     Synopsis as Enacted


Brief Description:  Authorizing late fees and interest for delinquent payment of fees to the Utilities and Transportation Commission.


By Representatives Bray and Long; by request of Utilities & Transportation Commission.


House Committee on Energy & Utilities

House Committee on Revenue

Senate Committee on Energy & Utilities


Background:  The Utilities and Transportation Commission (UTC) regulates transportation, garbage disposal, electric, telecommunications, gas, water and low-level radioactive waste disposal companies.  By statute, the UTC imposes a percentage assessment on the gross operating income of the companies that it regulates to cover the commission's expenses.  The UTC does not have statutory authority to impose a late fee or interest for delinquent payments.


Some other state agencies do have such authority.  For example, the state fruit commission may impose interest penalties of 10 percent on delinquent payment of assessments that the commission imposes on fruit growers.  A number of licensing boards also have authority to impose fees for licensees who are delinquent in renewing certificates.  The Department of Licensing has authority to impose a 10 percent late fee on assessments for proportionally registered vehicles.  The Department of Labor and Industries may impose a 1 percent per month penalty on delinquent unemployment compensation contributions from employers.


Summary:  The Utilities and Transportation Commission shall impose a 2 percent late fee on delinquent payments of regulatory fees.  Delinquent payments of regulatory fees shall accrue interest at the rate of 1 percent per month.


Votes on Final Passage:


House  95 0

Senate 33 13


Effective:  June 9, 1994