EHB 2487

                         C 127 L 94

                     Synopsis as Enacted


Brief Description:  Revising provisions relating to employer reporting to the Washington state support registry.


By Representatives Appelwick, Forner and Karahalios; by request of Department of Social and Health Services.


House Committee on Judiciary


Background:  The office of support enforcement, which is part of the Department of Social and Health Services, has established an employer reporting program to assist the office in collecting child support.  Under the program, certain employers are required to report to the Washington State Support Registry when the employer hires a person or rehires a person previously laid off or fired.  Employers required to participate in the program include employers in the standard industrial classifications (sic) as follows:


(1)construction industry sic codes:  15, building; and 16, other than building;


(2)manufacturing industry sic code 37, transportation equipment;


(3)wholesale trade industry sic codes:  73, business services, except sic code 7362 (temporary help supply services); and 80, health services.


The office must promptly destroy the information received if the employee does not owe child support.  The agency has adopted the position that the information is confidential and does not share the information with other state agencies.


Summary:  The construction industry special trades standard industrial classification code number 17 is added to the employer reporting program.  Technical changes are also made.


The Department of Social and Health Services must make the information available to other state agencies so those agencies can detect improper or fraudulent claims.  The requesting agency must keep the information confidential except as necessary to implement its duties and must destroy the information if the agency does not need it.


Votes on Final Passage:


House  96 0

Senate 45 4


Effective:  June 9, 1994