SSJM 8009

                       As Passed House

                        April 8, 1993


Brief Description:  Supporting Guam in its quest for commonwealth status.


Sponsors:  Senate Committee on Trade, Technology & Economic Development (originally sponsored by Senators Bluechel, Snyder, Sellar, Skratek, M. Rasmussen, Erwin, Gaspard, Fraser, McDonald, Franklin, Winsley and Oke).


Brief History:

  Reported by House Committee on:

Trade, Economic Development & Housing, April 1, 1993, DP;

Passed House, April 8, 1993, 98-0.




Majority Report:  Do pass.  Signed by 13 members:  Representatives Wineberry, Chair; Shin, Vice Chair; Forner, Ranking Minority Member; Chandler, Assistant Ranking Minority Member; Campbell; Casada; Conway; Morris; Quall; Schoesler; Springer; Valle; and Wood.


Staff:  Kenny Pittman (786-7392).


Background:  Guam, acquired by the United States at the end of the Spanish-American War, is a self-governing, organized unincorporated United States territory.  Commonwealth status would increase the degree of autonomy enjoyed by Guam.  In 1976, Guam's citizens voted to choose the political status of commonwealth and ratified the Guam Commonwealth Act of 1987.  The Guam Commonwealth Act is expected to be reintroduced in Congress later this year.


Summary of Bill:  The members of the Washington State Senate and House of Representatives ask President Clinton and the members of the United States Congress to support the efforts of Guam in achieving commonwealth status and to recognize their right to self-determination.


Fiscal Note:  Not requested.


Testimony For:  None.


Testimony Against:  None.


Witnesses:  None.