By Senators Fraser, Gaspard, Snyder, Amondson, Anderson, Sellar, Roach, Rasmussen and Prentice


         WHEREAS, Washington state government would cease to exist without the skill, dedication, and commitment of highly qualified and talented state employees; and

         WHEREAS, State employees demonstrate consistent excellence in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, providing quality services to the public, and managing both human and fiscal resources efficiently and creatively; and

         WHEREAS, The people of Washington greatly value state employees who are essential to the healthy functioning of state government and to the critical services provided to the citizens of our state; and

         WHEREAS, The Governor's Distinguished Management Leadership Award was created in 1985 and the Sustaining Leadership Award was created in 1992 to formally recognize managers whose accomplishments are commendable and who demonstrate that leadership excellence is prevalent in state government; and

         WHEREAS, Forty-nine people employed in nineteen different state agencies have been nominated for the Governor's 1993 Distinguished Management Leadership Award and the Governor's 1993 Sustaining Leadership Award, including:  John M. Adsit, Corrections; Michael Arnis, Basic Health Plan; Joseph G. Bell, Social and Health Services; Bruce J. Bjork, State Patrol; Richard Bosse, Corrections; Lonnie R. Brackins, State Patrol; William Brookreson, Agriculture; Cheryl Brown-Young, Corrections; Robert Darling, Retirement Systems; Chris Drivdahl, Wildlife; John S. Gabler, Social and Health Services; Roger P. Gantz, Social and Health Services; Marilyn Glenn, Personnel; Ron Gray, Labor and Industries; Phil Grigg, General Administration; Kate Heimbach, Community Development; Dave Hogan, Social and Health Services; Martin M. Keeling, Social and Health Services; Leana D. Lamb-Miller, Social and Health Services; Robert M. Leichner, State Patrol; Christine Lewis, Trade and Economic Development; John Mills, Corrections; Ann Morgan, Natural Resources; Steven Meacham, Natural Resources; Robert E. Milam, Social and Health Services; Gary O'Neil, Revenue; Larry W. Peck, Fisheries; James A. Peterson, Social and Health Services; Bill Phillips, General Administration; Roger Polzin, Insurance Commissioner; Betty Reed, General Administration; Jeff Robinson, Community Development; Greg R. Sorlie, Ecology; Kenneth D. Stark, Social and Health Services; Marsha Tadano-Long, Licensing; Pat Terry, Social and Health Services; James E. Thatcher, Corrections; Dennis Thaut, Corrections; Leila K. Todorovich, Social and Health Services; Mel Tonasket, Social and Health Services; Barbara Vane, Revenue; Margaret Vonheeder, Corrections; Jeanne M. Ward, Social and Health Services; Colleen M. Waterhouse, Social and Health Services; Ron L. Weaver, Health; Cathy Wiggins, Social and Health Services; Joseph R. Williams, Ecology; Judy Winsor, Licensing; and Philip Young, Corrections; and

         WHEREAS, These nominees, who have truly made a difference in state government, will be officially honored by Governor Mike Lowry today, April 14, in a reception at 2:30 p.m. in the State Reception Room;

         NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate, on behalf of all Washington citizens, recognize and applaud these leaders in state government who deserve the appreciation and gratitude of everyone who lives in our great state.


I, Marty Brown, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 1993-8640,

adopted by the Senate April 14, 1993.




Secretary of the Senate