By Senators Wojahn, Ludwig, McAuliff, Haugen, Williams, Spanel and Sheldon


            WHEREAS, The senate finds and declares that the academic studies students undertake in school are the fundamental reason for the commitment of our government and people to education; and

            WHEREAS, Knowledge of history is of basic importance to an informed citizenry within a nation whose societal, political and judicial processes operate with constant reference to the past; and

            WHEREAS, Innovative and successful programs to interest students in history should be recognized and encouraged; and

            WHEREAS, Students from the state of Washington participate each year in just such an innovative program, the annual National History Day competition; and

            WHEREAS, Washington State students, guided by dedicated and enthusiastic teachers and aided by their parents or guardians, consistently have attained the highest ranks in the National History Day competition; and

            WHEREAS, In 1993 a number of students won first and second places at the Washington State contest and went on to represent our state at the contest in Washington, D.C.:


oLee Witscher, Arlington Post Middle School;

oSamar Al-Bulushi, Emily Brand, Hoku Gearheard, Caitlin Gerdts, Tracy Nishimura, Michael O'Connor, Kate Pettit, Erik Sperling, and Windy Wilkins, Commodore Middle School, Bainbridge Island;

oAaron Duke, Peter Forshall, Scott Furlan, Rick Hill, and Joshua Wessel, Olympic High School, Bremerton

oKarlyn Bott, Aysha Cromeenes, Marcella Dokson, Jennifer Moehl, Lindsey Peterson, Jeri Regan, Ginger Stratton, Geoffrey Tamman, Michelle Taylor, Jody Tiffany, Scott Whipple and Robb Williamson, Burlington Schools;

oCarly Althauser, Cassie Althauser, Brenda Belmont, Jama Braden and Katrina Smith, Centralia Middle School;

oJon Crimmins, Keith Dunnagan, Susan Mathis, Owen Stanwood, and Cody West Coupeville High School

oAlthea Cawley-Murphree, Ellensburg Home School;

oJennifer Drury and Jenny Laukala, Enumclaw High School

oJeff Whiting, Desert Hills Middle School, Kennewick;

oFranky Huff, Timm Nelson, Brandon Stevens, Steve Van Selus, Centennial Elementary School, Mt. Vernon

oElizabeth Rivard and Karen Scorup, Othello High School

oLeann White and Kyrsten Stoops, Lewis and Clark Elementary School, Richland

oJennifer Kiest, Shorecrest High School, Seattle

oCarrie Terpstra, Shorewood High School, Seattle

oNathanael O'Hara, Sequim High School

oErin Wagner, Snohomish High School

oAmy Johnson and Jessica Hunn, Spanaway Lake High School;

oCecilia Thompson, Enumclaw Jr. High School


            NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the members of the Washington State Senate do hereby recognize the achievements of these students, their teachers, and parents, and extend heartfelt congratulations and appreciation on behalf of the citizens of the state of Washington; and

            BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Secretary of the Senate transmit copies of this

resolution to these honored students and the administrators of their schools.


I, Marty Brown, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 1994-8666,

adopted by the Senate February 14, 1994.





Secretary of the Senate