By Senators Rasmussen, Haugen, Drew, Anderson, Sellar, Sutherland, Pelz, Sheldon, McAuliffe, Loveland, Erwin, Quigley, Wojahn, Franklin, Skratek, Spanel, Fraser, Gaspard, Roach and Snyder


         WHEREAS, Congress established the Cooperative Extension System at State Land Grant Universities in 1916; and

         WHEREAS, 4-H Youth Development grew out of that system as an organization dedicated to promoting the education and civic involvement of this nation's young people; and

         WHEREAS, 4-H Youth Development in conjunction with the Cooperative Extension System today has more than five million members in eighty-three countries around the world, all fifty states and all thirty-nine counties in Washington State; and

         WHEREAS, 4-H Youth Development has expanded its focus in recent years to serve young people from urban areas as well as rural communities; and

         WHEREAS, 4-H members can today choose projects in such varied fields as animal sciences, social sciences, mechanical sciences, natural resources, environmental stewardship, plant sciences, family living and the expressive arts; and

         WHEREAS, Cooperative extension agents and program assistants from Washington State University, working together with community volunteers, have contributed to the education and personal development of thousands of young people and adults in Washington State; and

         WHEREAS, More than one hundred-fifty 4-H members from around the state are currently visiting the state capitol as part of a state-wide education program titled "4-H Know Your Government";

         NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate does hereby welcome those delegates, along with the extension agents, program assistants and adult volunteers involved in the "Citizenship Project," to Olympia; and

         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the Senate recognizes the value of that project along with all the programs that Washington State University's Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development sponsored over the years to prepare young people and adults for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.


I, Marty Brown, Secretary of the Senate,

do hereby certify that this is a true and

correct copy of Senate Resolution 1994-8667,

adopted by the Senate February 14, 1994.





Secretary of the Senate