By Senator L. Smith


         WHEREAS, Doug Stinson and Fae Marie Beck, husband and wife, purchased forest land in the early 1970's in Lewis County, Washington; and

         WHEREAS, There are four forested tracts around Toledo, Winlock, Mossyrock and Chehalis totaling 982 acres, named Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm; and

         WHEREAS, Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm is family oriented, with children Steve Stinson, Ann Satoh and Julie Stinson fully involved in managing all aspects of the forest land; and

         WHEREAS, This body honors Doug Stinson and Fae Marie Beck who were named Washington State's 1993-94 Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year; and

         WHEREAS, This prestigious honor is given to the top nonindustrial tree farmer who has demonstrated exemplary forest management skills, substantial interest in the Tree Farm Program, abilities in relating to other landowners, and special human interest; and

         WHEREAS, Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm was nominated for the finals from among one thousand one hundred certified tree farmers state-wide, selected for the title from five finalists, and will compete in the regional competition and, if successful, the national competition; and

         WHEREAS, Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm land is managed to promote healthy tree growth and to develop wildlife, fish, and water resource; and

         WHEREAS, Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm is active in environmental education with area schools and with frequent woods tours; and

         WHEREAS, Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm is open to hiking, hunting, horseback riding, mountain biking, and berry picking; and

         WHEREAS, Doug Stinson is a member of the Washington Farm Forestry Association, Society of American Foresters and a graduate of the Washington Agriculture and Forestry Leadership program; and

         WHEREAS, Private nonindustrial forestry is an exercise in democracy and the private enterprise system; and

         WHEREAS, Washington's Tree Farm Program is a part of the American Tree Farm System, a nationwide membership of nearly seventy thousand landowners who collectively own ninety-five million acres; and

         WHEREAS, The American Tree Farm System is a fifty-year old network that brings together forest landowners who are committed to protecting water and soil quality, and providing wildlife habitat and quality recreation opportunities at the same time they produce timber products; and

         WHEREAS, Fifty-eight percent of the timber harvested in the United States comes from nonindustrial, private woodlands like the Cowlitz Ridge Tree Farm;

         NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State Senate commend Doug Stinson and Fae Marie Beck for being named Washington's Outstanding Tree Farmer of the Year and wish them the best of luck in the regional competition; and

         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Doug Stinson and Fae Marie Beck.