By Senators Bauer and Nelson


         WHEREAS,  The University of Washington, in conjunction with the Occupational Health Foundation, has conducted a substantial research project into the efficacy of occupational training on worker safety habits; and

         WHEREAS, The results of this research project will not be forthcoming until following the 1994 session of the legislature; and

         WHEREAS,  Potential recommendations of the study may include additional vocational training requirements in some professions; and

         WHEREAS, There are substantial potential benefits to workers in the availability of the best and most appropriate occupational and vocational training; and

         WHEREAS, Occupational and vocations training of the highest quality and greatest relevance presents significant potential savings to the economy of the state through increased worker productivity and reduced workers' compensation claims; and

         WHEREAS, There is a need for legislative review of the results of the University of Washington study, its recommendations, and all related data;

         NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the Senate of the state of Washington, That the committee on Higher Education is directed to create a special subcommittee of its members and an advisory committee of interested parties, both to be appointed by the chair of the committee on Higher Education, for the purpose of reviewing the results of the University of Washington study and making recommendations to the appropriate committees of the Senate; and

         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the advisory committee shall consist of seven members, at least two of whom shall be members of a labor union representing workers surveyed in the University of Washington study; at least one of whom shall represent a labor management joint agency with a direct interest in the issues raised in the study; at least two of whom shall be employers in industries that employ workers surveyed in the study; at least one member shall be a professional trainer with experience in the area of vocational training reviewed by the study; and at least one member shall be a physician or occupational health practitioner specializing in the worker safety issues of the study; and

         BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the subcommittee, after consultation with the advisory committee, shall report its findings and recommendations for legislation to the Senate at the regular session in 1995.