SB 5576 - DIGEST


                (SUBSTITUTED FOR - SEE 2ND SUB)


     Revises definitions relating to campaign practices.

     Revises provisions pertaining to use of public resources for local government political campaigns.

     Revises financial affairs reports for gifts.

     Amends provisions relating to the public disclosure commission.

     Imposes a fee to fund public disclosure education activities.

     Amends provisions relating to contributions and expenditures for campaigns.

     Requires a joint study of the issue of campaign spending limits.

     Revises fair campaign requirements.

     Designates permitted uses of public office funds.

     Makes lobbyist reporting changes.

     Revises provisions relating to voters' and candidates' pamphlets.

     Repeals RCW 42.17.021, 42.17.2415, and 42.17.630.