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State of Washington      55th Legislature     1998 Regular Session


By Representatives Mulliken, Gardner, Mielke, Kessler, Honeyford, DeBolt, Buck, Parlette, Linville, McMorris, Sehlin, Quall, Pennington, Boldt, Schoesler, Johnson, Sump, Sheahan, Clements, Chandler, Doumit, Hatfield, Lisk, Anderson, Morris, Mastin, Dunn, Alexander, Grant, Delvin, Hankins, Eickmeyer, Skinner and Conway


Read first time 02/17/98.  Referred to Committee on House Government Reform & Land Use.

Urging the legislature to select a Joint Committee on Rural Land Use and Economic Development.

    WHEREAS, The legislature passed the Growth Management Act in 1990 and modifications to the Act in 1991; and

    WHEREAS, The findings in the Growth Management Act state:  "The legislature finds that it is in the public interest that economic development programs be shared with communities experiencing insufficient economic growth"; and

    WHEREAS, One of the planning goals of the Growth Management Act is to:  "Encourage economic development throughout the state that is consistent with adopted comprehensive plans, promote economic opportunity for all citizens of this state, especially for unemployed and for disadvantaged persons, and encourage growth in areas experiencing insufficient economic growth. . ."; and

    WHEREAS, The legislature has required counties and cities planning under the Growth Management Act to include a "plan, scheme, or design" for a rural element, including rural development; and

    WHEREAS, Under the Growth Management Act, rural areas have the opportunity to control locally the economic development of their lands; and

    WHEREAS, The legislature should continue the process of working with rural areas to develop land use laws that contribute to the economic development of rural areas without compromising the unique features of these areas;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the House of Representatives of the state of Washington, the Senate concurring, That a Joint Select Committee on Rural Land Use and Economic Development be established to develop recommendations to the legislature for laws governing economic development in rural areas consistent with the Growth Management Act; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the committee consist of ten members from rural districts, three from the majority caucus of each house, two from the minority caucus of each house, appointed by the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the committee use existing House and Senate staff, report its interim findings and recommendations to the legislature by December 31, 1998, and report its final report and recommendations to the legislature by December 31, 1999.


                            --- END ---