HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 97-4636, by Representatives Mastin and Grant


     WHEREAS, Whitman College was created by the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Washington on December 20, 1859; and

     WHEREAS, The original act created a nine-member board of trustees; and

     WHEREAS, The Washington state Constitution was ratified by the people at an election held October 1, 1889; and

     WHEREAS, Article XXVII, Section 2 of the state Constitution provides:  "All laws remain in force in the Territory of Washington which are not repugnant to this Constitution, shall remain in force until they expire by their own limitation, or are altered or repealed by the legislature: . . . "

     WHEREAS, Whitman College is a private institution of higher education and its governance is not regulated by the Legislature; and

     WHEREAS, Statutes governing Whitman college are not codified in the Revised Code of Washington; and

     WHEREAS, Whitman College may regulate its corporate concerns by amendment to its bylaws;

     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognize the authority of Whitman College to change the number of individuals serving on its board of trustees as it deems necessary; and

     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to Whitman College and the Whitman College board of trustees.


   I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

   Resolution 4636 adopted by the House of Representatives

               Rule Committee April 15, 1997.





               Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk