HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 97-4640, by Representatives Pennington and Cooke


      WHEREAS, It is the policy of the Washington State Legislature to recognize excellence in all fields of endeavor; and

      WHEREAS, The La Center High School Boys Basketball Team has exhibited the highest level of excellence in winning the 1997 Class A State Basketball Championship; and

      WHEREAS, This level of excellence is built upon an admirable and solid foundation of success in which the Wildcats have crafted a two-year unmatched record of 26-1 in 1996 and 27-0 in 1997, resulting in a "Season of Perfection"; and

      WHEREAS, Achievement in sports is kindred to the values for achievement in life inasmuch as the setting of the very highest goals and aspirations and the persistence, dedication, sacrifice, commitment, focus, effort, teamwork, skill, and talent to obtain those goals and aspirations all correspond to lifetime and personal achievement; and

      WHEREAS, The extraordinary achievements of the La Center High School Boys Basketball Team are due to the outstanding individual efforts of Jon Newman, Jake Smith, Michael Renner, Marques Blalock-Howard, Mark Winston, Tim Rinaker, Derek VanWeerdhuizen, Dustin VanWeerdhuizen, Doug Philips, Nick Henley, Tyler Gore, Matt Lambrecht, and Jon Vis; and

      WHEREAS, These outstanding accomplishments would not have been possible without the instruction, guidance, and leadership of Head Coach Forbes Lapp, Assistant Coaches Herm VanWeerdhuizen, Tom Renner, Scott Weaver, and Jaime Wolverton; Managers Mike Wood, Kyle Johnson, and Brandon Cole; Statistician Linc Wolverton; Booster Club President Bob Hunter; nor would these accomplishments have been possible without the unequivocal support and encouragement of the La Center High School student body, faculty and staff, alumni, family and friends, community members, Booster Club, and fans;

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives honor the excellence in achievement and spirit shown by the La Center High School Boys Basketball Team and for the example of inspiration such achievements have set for others; and

      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to each member of the Championship Team and Coaching Staff indicated in this resolution as well as to the Principal of La Center High School, in Clark County of the great State of Washington.


      I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

      Resolution 4640 adopted by the House of Representatives

                  Rules Committee April 15, 1997.





                  Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk