HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 98-4701, by Representatives Mason, Poulsen, Dickerson, Costa, Eickmeyer, Quall, Scott, Hatfield, Cooper, Conway and McDonald


      WHEREAS, February marks the annual observance of Black History Month to celebrate the significant contributions of Americans of African ancestry in the making of our great nation; and

      WHEREAS, It is to the benefit of all Americans to honor those who have come before us; and

      WHEREAS, Carter G. Woodson, the father of Black History Month, through his research left us with a written record of the presence of millions of Americans whose ancestors have been on the continent of North America since before the Mayflower; and

      WHEREAS, Carter G. Woodson founded this month so that Americans of African ancestry could be honored for the many accomplishments which would otherwise go unnoticed in the mainstream textbooks and historical celebrations of United States history; and

      WHEREAS, Most Americans of African descent were brought to America in chains to suffer the sustained insults of chattel slavery and human bondage for a recorded history of more than three hundred fifty years; and

      WHEREAS, African-Americans have attained success in all fields of human endeavor, as evidenced by the contributions of Frederick Douglas, who taught himself to read and write, and became a great orator and abolitionist; Ida B. Wells, who never lost sight of her mission to eliminate the lynching of men, women, and children in America; and of course our modern day heroes and role models such as Michael Jordan, who has become the icon for determination and focused excellence; and

      WHEREAS, From academia to athletics, from education to politics, from space exploration to the armed forces, and in all fields of endeavor and contributions our fellow African-Americans, though written out of history, have been good Americans; and

      WHEREAS, African-Americans continue to contribute widely to the attainment of peace, equality, and justice and all Americans deserve to know of all the great moments and eras of the thirty million African-Americans who live among us; and

      WHEREAS, Americans of African descent continue to contribute to the social and economic history of Washington, as evidenced by the contributions of Ruth Massinga, of the Casey Family Program; Mack Hogans, Effenus Henderson, and Rodney Proctor of the Weyerhaeuser Corporation; Oscar Eason, National President of Blacks In Government; and Dr. William Bradford of the University of Washington; and

      WHEREAS, History is made in the present and recorded in the future to reflect the past, African-American History Month recognizes the young people who are making history today and we applaud their bravery and courage; Dr. Lee Jones Jr., the youngest person to ever hold the position of Associate Dean at Florida State University; Quinton Morris, who at seventeen survived cancer and has been accepted into the University of Paris to continue his studies in classical violin; and Eugene Jenkins, Jr. and family who after serving in the Desert Storm/Desert Shield Operation was honorably discharged;

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives recognizes February as African-American History Month in recognition of Americans of African descent who have contributed to America, a nation in which we take great pride.


          I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

         Resolution 4701 adopted by the House of Representatives

                            February 16, 1998.


                      Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk