HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 98-4731, by Representatives Romero, Alexander, Wolfe, DeBolt, Eickmeyer and Johnson


        WHEREAS, Thurston County has been extremely well-represented in the recent Washington State 3A boys and girls basketball tournaments, and in the recent Washington State 3A gymnastics tournament; and

        WHEREAS, Our society all too often neglects to pay proper tribute to the athletes and teams that fall just short of their ultimate objective; and

        WHEREAS, We certainly have much to learn from the examples set by the courageous young men and women who strive mightily but don't quite come out on top in their quest for a sports crown; and

        WHEREAS, Fans and supporters all over the state were electrified as the Olympia High School boys basketball team captured a highly charged two-point victory over the defending state champions in the semifinal game; and

        WHEREAS, The emotionally exhausted Olympia Bears, who fell behind by as many as seventeen points the next night in the second half of the championship game, came up a mere four points shy after a roaring and dramatic comeback turned the title tilt into a battle of the ages; and

        WHEREAS, Led by Coach John Kiley, by Assistant Coaches Don Kruse, Tim Hume, Don Brewer, Casey Kilborn, and James Washington, and by Olympia Athletic Director Bill Maguire, the Olympia boys basketball squad closed out the season with a tremendous record of twenty-four wins and only two losses; and

        WHEREAS, The Tumwater High School boys basketball team fell in their first game to the eventual tournament champions, but then stormed back with three straight conquests to snare the fifth-place trophy in the state joust; and

        WHEREAS, The hard-charging Tumwater Thunderbirds emerged victorious in their nail-biting final battle for their well-earned chunk of tournament hardware in the school's first trip to the state boys hoops showdown in many years; and

        WHEREAS, Led by Coach Brian Hunter, by Assistant Coaches Rob Hinkle, Tom Taylor, and Jeremy Best, and by Tumwater Athletic Director Val Overdahl, the Tumwater boys basketball team finished the year with a super record of twenty-two wins and only six losses; and

        WHEREAS, Appearing in the state girls basketball tournament for just the second time in school history, the Capital High School Cougars seized a highly esteemed eighth-place laurel in the hard-fought competition; and

        WHEREAS, The never-say-die Capital Cougars sprinted through a brilliant season and commanded state-wide respect and considerable honor after beginning their basketball year somewhat slowly; and

        WHEREAS, Led by Coach Neil White, by Assistant Coaches Jenny Mahlstedt, Lance O'Dell, Bob Bjorklund, and Colleen Wells, and by Athletic Director Leola Wheeler, the Capital girls basketball team concluded their campaign with an excellent record of twenty wins and only seven losses; and

        WHEREAS, The Olympia High School gymnastics team earlier this year registered tremendous performances to merit a high-powered second-place finish in the state tournament action; and

        WHEREAS, From the start of their storied season to the very end, the masterful and skillful Bear gymnasts thrilled their loyal boosters and awed their respectful rivals; and

        WHEREAS, Led by Coaches Kim Strathdee and Tony Phillipsen, the Olympia gymnastics team set a standard for acrobatic teams to follow in the years to come; and

        WHEREAS, So far in the 1997-98 school year, many other athletes and teams representing Thurston County schools have given tremendous accounts of themselves in local, regional, and state-wide competition;

        NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the state of Washington hails and commends the Olympia High School boys basketball Bears, the Tumwater High School boys basketball Thunderbirds, the Capital High School girls basketball Cougars, and the Olympia High School gymnastics team; and

        BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to the appropriate coaching staffs and the administrations at Olympia High School, Tumwater High School, and Capital High School.



                    I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

                    Resolution 4731 adopted by the House of Representatives

                                        March 11, 1998.






                                Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk