HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 98-4732, by Representatives Dyer and Cody


      WHEREAS, The promotion of public health and the prevention of disease and injury are paramount responsibilities of government; and

      WHEREAS, In 1989 the State of Washington created the state Department of Health with the purpose of "giving expression to the needs of individual citizens and local communities as they seek to preserve the public health"; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Miriam Louise Fields, MD, MPH, FACPM, affectionately known as "Mimi," served as Washington State's Health Officer from the time of the Department's creation until the end of 1997; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Fields came to this state as a nationally recognized expert on the prevention of HIV and AIDS and, as Washington State's first director of the Office of HIV/AIDS, quickly developed effective collaboration between state government and the regional AIDSNETS; and

      WHEREAS, In her role of State Health Officer, Dr. Fields demonstrated the highest level of knowledge, compassion, and understanding of our residents' public health concerns; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Fields' contributions to public health have consistently reflected the voice of science, originality, and the value of reasoned and respectful discourse in the public debates surrounding difficult public health issues; and

      WHEREAS, During her tenure as State Health Officer, Dr. Fields established an exemplary standard of personal and professional conduct as she shaped the State Health Officer's leadership role in promoting public health in our state and nation; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Fields helped establish Washington State as a national leader in the development of contemporary approaches to public health through her contributions to the Washington State Public Health Improvement Plan; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Fields has made significant contributions to interagency and public-private collaboration in support of health care quality, as cochair and chair of the Interagency Quality Committee; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Fields exerted a strongly positive, creative, and visionary leadership effect on the development of our state Department of Health during its formative years;

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington State House of Representatives commends Dr. Miriam Louise Fields for her contributions to the health and well-being of every Washington resident through her exemplary service as State Health Officer; and

      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to Dr. Fields.



          I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

         Resolution 4732 adopted by the House of Representatives

                             March 11, 1998.






                      Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk