HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 98-4738, by Representatives Ballard, Chopp, Hatfield, Carlson, L. Thomas, Dunn, Alexander, Anderson, Appelwick, Backlund, Ballasiotes, Benson, Boldt, Buck, Bush, Butler, Cairnes, Carrell, Chandler, Clements, Cody, Cole, Constantine, Conway, Cooke, Cooper, Costa, Crouse, DeBolt, Delvin, Dickerson, Doumit, Dunshee, Dyer, Fisher, Gardner, Gombosky, Grant, Hankins, Hickel, Honeyford, Huff, Johnson, Kastama, Keiser, Kenney, Kessler, Koster, Lambert, Lantz, Linville, Lisk, Mason, Mastin, McCune, McDonald, McMorris, Mielke, Mitchell, Morris, Mulliken, Murray, O'Brien, Ogden, Parlette, Pennington, Poulsen, Quall, Radcliff, Reams, Regala, Robertson, Romero, D. Schmidt, K. Schmidt, Schoesler, Scott, Sheahan, Sherstad, Skinner, Smith, D. Sommers, H. Sommers, Sterk, Sullivan, Sump, Talcott, B. Thomas, Thompson, Tokuda, Van Luven, Veloria, Wensman, Wolfe, Wood and Zellinsky


       WHEREAS, It is the policy of the Washington State Legislature to recognize excellence in all fields of endeavor; and

       WHEREAS, Representative Barry Sehlin began his distinguished legislative career with the Washington State House of Representatives, in 1992 as the representative from the 10th District, which encompasses Island County and parts of Skagit and Snohomish Counties; and

       WHEREAS, Representative Barry Sehlin during his terms in office has served with distinction as the Chairman of the House of Representatives Capital Budget Committee, as a member of the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee and a member of the executive committee on the Joint Pension Policy Committee; and

       WHEREAS, Representative Sehlin during his time with the legislature has primarily focused his attention on the state's capital and operating budgets; and

       WHEREAS, Representative Sehlin has remained an active supporter of Skagit Valley College, serving on the Board of Governors of the Skagit Valley College Foundation for several years, he has also served on the Board of Directors of New Leaf, the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce Navy League, Whidbey Playhouse, and is a member of the Save NAS Task Force; and

       WHEREAS, Prior to his election to the House of Representatives, Barry Sehlin served for twenty-seven years in the Navy, during which he served as NAS Whidbey in VAQ-136, as Commanding Officer of VAQ-136 and VAQ-129, as well as Commanding Officer of the Naval Air Station; and

       WHEREAS, Representative Sehlin attended elementary school in Oak Harbor, and after moving with his family to Anacortes, graduated from Anacortes High School, and later went on to graduate from Skagit Valley College in 1963;

       NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the state of Washington honor his excellence in service and the legislative and personal accomplishments and contributions by State Representative Barry Sehlin to his office, his constituents and colleagues, and especially to the citizens of the great state of Washington; and

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the state of Washington extend its very best wishes to Barry Sehlin, his wife of thirty-two years, Susan, and their two children, Jennifer and Martin; and

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this Resolution be immediately transmitted by the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives to Representative Barry Sehlin.


              I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

              Resolution 4738 adopted by the House of Representatives

                                  March 12, 1998.




                          Timothy A. Martin, Chief Clerk