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                    SUBSTITUTE SENATE BILL 6572



State of Washington      55th Legislature     1998 Regular Session


By Senate Committee on Commerce & Labor (originally sponsored by Senators Schow, T. Sheldon, Sellar, Snyder, Horn, Franklin, Heavey, Jacobsen, Newhouse, Winsley, Anderson and Hale)


Read first time 02/02/98.

Creating the Washington economic development strategy council.

    AN ACT Relating to the Washington economic development strategy council; adding a new chapter to Title 43 RCW; and providing an effective date.




    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.  Economic development programs, including work force training, industrial modernization, and export assistance, are increasingly important to the state's economic well-being and state efforts to encourage employment growth and increase state revenues.  Economic trends are rapidly changing and markets have become increasingly competitive as states and countries seek to improve and safeguard their own economic well-being.  The purpose of the Washington economic development strategy council is to provide responsive and consistent involvement by the executive branch, the legislature, and the private sector in creating and implementing economic development strategies to maintain a healthy state economy and provide employment opportunities to Washington residents.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 2.  There is created the Washington economic development strategy council, which shall consist of the governor, four senators and four members of the house of representatives, and five private sector members appointed by the governor.  The president of the senate shall appoint the senate members of the council, and the speaker of the house of representatives shall appoint the house members of the council.  Not more than two members from each house may be from the same political party.  Vacancies occurring may be filled by the appointing authority.  The council shall be chaired by the governor or the governor's designee and shall have two vice-chairs, one selected by the governor from the private sector and one selected by the legislative members from among themselves.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 3.  The council shall by majority vote establish committees, and prescribe rules of procedure for itself and its committees consistent with this chapter.  Members of committees are not required to be members of the council.  The committees of the council may include the governor's small business improvement council and the economic forecast council.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 4.  The council and its committees are authorized to study and review economic development issues, including work force training, industrial modernization, international trade assistance, tourism, private investment, and entrepreneurial development, and to develop a comprehensive and consistent economic development strategy.  The council's work includes:

    (1) Identifying and prioritizing the most significant issues regarding economic development within the state.  In carrying out this responsibility the council shall (a) determine the economic impact of various business or industrial sectors upon the state's economy; (b) evaluate existing state policies, laws, and programs which promote or affect economic development; (c) review the final 1988 report of the former Washington state economic development board; (d) review the effectiveness of economic development policies and programs of other states and nations; and (e) monitor economic trends affecting the state's economy;

    (2) Performing detailed analyses of each significant issue identified, providing a balance sheet of the state's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges;

    (3) Identifying goals and objectives consistent with the council's analysis of significant economic development issues;

    (4) Developing strategic plans to carry out the council's economic development goals and objectives and making recommendations for legislative and administrative actions.  In carrying out this responsibility, the council shall develop recommendations to the governor and the legislature on steps necessary to implement the council's strategies;

    (5) Monitoring the state's progress in carrying out its economic development strategies.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 5.  Staff resources of the department of community, trade, and economic development, the governor's office, the senate, and the house of representatives shall provide the council with necessary staff support.  The council may solicit staff resources, including loaned executives, from the private sector.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 6.  Members of the council shall serve without compensation, but shall be reimbursed for travel expenses incurred while attending meetings of the council or any of its committees, and while going to and coming from council or committee meetings as provided in RCW 44.04.120 for members of the legislature or by the office of the governor under RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060 for the governor's appointees.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 7.  The council shall cooperate, act, and function with legislative committees, executive agencies, councils or committees of other states similar to this committee, and other interstate research or policy organizations.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 8.  If any provision of this act or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 9.  Sections 1 through 8 of this act constitute a new chapter in Title 43 RCW.


    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 10.  This act takes effect July 1, 1998.


                            --- END ---