S-4435.1  _______________________________________________


                    SUBSTITUTE SENATE BILL 6613



State of Washington      55th Legislature     1998 Regular Session


By Senate Committee on Law & Justice (originally sponsored by Senators Finkbeiner, Benton, Swecker, McCaslin, Oke, Goings, Long, Anderson, Rossi, Schow, Johnson, Hale and Sellar)


Read first time 02/06/98.

Allowing a health care worker to report a patient's blood alcohol level.

    AN ACT Relating to the reporting of a blood alcohol level; and adding a new section to chapter 46.61 RCW.




    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.  A new section is added to chapter 46.61 RCW to read as follows:

    A health care provider furnishing medical care in a health care facility to a person involved in a motor vehicle accident may report to any law enforcement officer present at the health care facility a patient's blood alcohol level obtained as part of the medical care of that patient when that level meets or exceeds .10, and the health care provider has a reasonable belief that the patient was involved in the motor vehicle accident while under the influence of alcohol.  If no officer is present, the health care provider may notify the county police department in the county where the accident occurred.  The notice by the health care provider shall consist of the name of the person being treated, the blood alcohol level disclosed by the test, the blood sample that gave rise to the reported blood alcohol level, and the date and time of the administration of the test.


                            --- END ---