HB 2439 - DIGEST


                (SUBSTITUTED FOR - SEE 1ST SUB)


     Requires the Washington state traffic safety commission to establish a program for administering grants for activities that train persons in pedestrian safety or the safe and effective operation of bicycles, and shall cooperate with the state criminal justice training commission, bicycle federation of America, the league of American bicyclists, state and local bicycling organizations, local governments, public school districts, or other appropriate public and private organizations in developing and operating the grant program.

     Directs the traffic safety commission, acting jointly with the department of licensing and the superintendent of public instruction to develop a curriculum for bicycle safety education.  The commission may develop a video presentation to accompany this curriculum.

     Directs the department of licensing to incorporate a section on bicycle safety and sharing the road into its instructional publications for drivers and shall include questions in the written portion of the driver's license examination on bicycle safety and sharing the road with bicycles.

     Provides that, after January 1, 1999, all public schools shall annually provide bicycle safety instruction based on the curriculum developed under this act to fifth grade students.