HB 2442-S - DIGEST


               (AS OF HOUSE 2ND READING 2/10/98)


     Declares that the applications for disabled parking permits and temporary disabled parking permits are official state documents.  Knowingly providing false information in conjunction with the application is a gross misdemeanor punishable under chapter 9A.20.RCW.

     Provides that persons who qualify for special parking privileges are entitled to receive from the department of licensing a removable windshield placard bearing the international symbol of access and an individual serial number, along with a special identification card bearing the photograph and name of the person to whom the placard is issued, and the placard's serial number.

     Designates procedures for verification of amputation of an applicant's legs.

     Declares that it is a parking infraction, with a monetary penalty of one hundred seventy-five dollars for a person to make inaccessible the access aisle located next to a space reserved for physically disabled persons.

     Provides that a law enforcement agency authorized to enforce parking laws may appoint volunteers to issue notices of infractions for violations of RCW 46.16.381 or RCW 46.61.581.