HB 1584


As Reported By Senate Committee On:

Transportation, March 27, 2001


Title:  An act relating to vehicle license renewals.


Brief Description:  Revising requirements for vehicle license renewal.


Sponsors:  By Representatives Haigh, Cooper, Ericksen and Morell; by request of Department of Licensing.


Brief History: 

Committee Activity:  Transportation:  3/27/01 [DP].



Majority Report:  Do pass.

Signed by Senators Haugen, Chair; Gardner, Vice Chair; Benton, Eide, Finkbeiner, Jacobsen, Johnson, Kastama, McAuliffe, Oke, T. Sheldon and Swecker.


Staff:  Dean Carlson (786‑7305)


Background:  An application to renew a vehicle license must be accompanied by either the certificate of registration for the last registration period in which the vehicle was licensed or a preprinted application mailed from the Department of Licensing (DOL).  This requirement exists to enable DOL or licensing subagents to obtain the vehicle specifications to properly calculate the applicable taxes and fees.


Due to automation, these documents are no longer needed to get the vehicle specifications.  A vehicle owner only needs to provide the vehicle license number, and all necessary information is provided to the agents and subagents by computer, including the applicable taxes and fees.


Summary of Bill:  The requirement that a certificate of registration or preprinted application be provided by the vehicle owner to renew a vehicle license is eliminated.


Appropriation:  None.


Fiscal Note:  Available.


Effective Date:  Ninety days after adjournment of session in which bill is passed.


Testimony For:  This bill will reduce frustration levels.  It is silly to have to provide this information when it is already on their computers.


Testimony Against:  None.


Testified:  Representative Kathy Haigh, prime sponsor.