SB 5024


As Reported By Senate Committee On:

Natural Resources, Parks & Shorelines, January 29, 2001


Title:  An act relating to policies of the parks and recreation commission.


Brief Description:  Declaring policies of the parks and recreation commission.


Sponsors:  Senators Jacobsen, Oke and Carlson.


Brief History: 

Committee Activity:  Natural Resources, Parks & Shorelines:  1/25/01, 1/29/01 [DPS].




Majority Report:  That Substitute Senate Bill No. 5024 be substituted therefor, and the substitute bill do pass.

Signed by Senators Jacobsen, Chair; Spanel, Vice Chair; Constantine, Hargrove, Morton, Oke, Snyder and Stevens.


Staff:  David Johnson (786‑7754)


Background:  Founded in 1913, Washington State Parks provides recreation facilities and opportunities to more than 50 million visitors each year.  State Parks= facilities include campgrounds, picnic areas, trails, interpretive centers, environmental learning centers, moorage for boaters, and many other facilities and activities.


It is felt that legislative direction as to parks= mission and goals and a biennial report of park operations would be helpful to accomplishing the job of Parks and Recreation.


Summary of Substitute Bill:  Findings are made as to the importance of parks as well as the need for their care.  The mission of State Parks and Recreation is declared.  Goals and expectations for State Parks are specified.


A biennial report of parks operations is produced and distributed to the Legislature and the public.  The report includes information relating to parks= operations, needs, expenses, revenue, projects, and issues.  Park utilization, trends, and demands are also detailed.  The report is made available to the Legislature and the public.


Substitute Bill Compared to Original Bill:  The proposed substitute added the requirement that State Parks provide a biennial report on its operations, needs and issues.


Appropriation:  None.


Fiscal Note:  Not requested.


Effective Date:  Ninety days after adjournment of session in which bill is passed.


Testimony For:  The mission statement summarizes why State Parks and Recreation exists.  It is an excellent step forward and sets standards for Parks to achieve.  The biennial report is an appropriate thing for Parks to do.  It will help the Legislature know Parks and Recreations needs.


Testimony Against:  None.


Testified:  Cleve Pinnix, State Parks (pro); Jim King, Citizens for Parks and Recreation (pro).