SB 6534


As Reported By Senate Committee On:

Transportation, February 4, 2002


Title:  An act relating to creating a law enforcement memorial.


Brief Description:  Creating a law enforcement memorial.


Sponsors:  Senators Haugen, Horn, McAuliffe, Winsley, Hale, Rasmussen and Kohl‑Welles.


Brief History: 

Committee Activity:  Transportation:  1/25/02, 2/4/02 [DPS].



Majority Report:  That Substitute Senate Bill No. 6534 be substituted therefor, and the substitute bill do pass.

Signed by Senators Haugen, Chair; Gardner, Vice Chair; Eide, Horn, Johnson, Kastama, Keiser, McAuliffe, McDonald, Oke, Prentice, T. Sheldon, Shin and Swecker.


Staff:  Janice Baumgardt (786‑7319)


Background:  Special motor vehicle license plates are those plates containing a unique design recognizing a particular organization or membership in a particular group.  Some of these special plates are used to raise money for particular causes and others are used to honor residents of the state for particular activities.


Summary of Substitute Bill:  The law enforcement memorial account is created.  Funds in this account may only be used for building and maintaining a law enforcement memorial on the capitol campus.


A special law enforcement memorial license plate is established.  The charge is $37 initially and $27 for each renewal.  Monies raised from the issuance of these plates are credited to the law enforcement memorial account.


A memorial committee accepts applications until November 1, 2003.  If at least 900 applications are collected, they are submitted to the Department of Licensing.


The State Capitol Committee has approved the site and design of the memorial and has given the Department of General Administration authority to proceed.


Substitute Bill Compared to Original Bill:  The original bill was not considered.


Appropriation:  None.


Fiscal Note:  Requested on January 23, 2002.


Effective Date:  Ninety days after adjournment of session in which bill is passed.


Testimony For:  The memorial will honor law enforcement (and etc.) killed in the line of duty.  The memorial would give support and allow healing to those left behind.


Testimony Against:  Proliferation of special license plates with logos will cause officer safety and public safety issues.  Adding new emblems to license plates and changing from the standard alpha numeric numbering system will make it harder for law enforcement to identify license plate numbers.  Uniform plates with a high level of reflectivity with standard numbers and letters are easiest for officers and the public to identify.


Testified:  PRO:  Frank Kampsen, Gayle Frink-Schulz, Washington State Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation; Mike Matson, Washington State Law Enforcement Association; Rick Jensen, Washington State Patrol Troopers Association; Bill Hanson, Washington Council on Police and Sheriffs; CONCERNS:  Eric Robertson, Washington State Patrol.