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State of Washington      57th Legislature     2001 Regular Session


By Representatives Dunshee and Mulliken


Read first time 01/19/2001.  Referred to Committee on Local Government & Housing.

_1      AN ACT Relating to authorizing additional fire protection

_2  district levies; and amending RCW 52.16.160.




_4      Sec. 1.  RCW 52.16.160 and 1985 c 112 s 1 are each amended to read

_5  as follows:

_6      Notwithstanding the limitation of dollar rates contained in RCW

_7  52.16.130, and in addition to any levy for the payment of the

_8  principal and interest of any outstanding general obligation bonds

_9  and in addition to any levy authorized by RCW 52.16.130, 52.16.140

10  or any other statute, ((if in any county where a township has

11  never been formed or where there are one or more townships in

12  existence making annual tax levies and such township or townships

13  are disorganized as a result of a county-wide disorganization

14  procedure prescribed by statute and is no longer making any tax

15  levy, or any township or townships for any other reason no longer

16  makes any tax levy,)) the board of fire commissioners of any fire

17  protection district within such county, which fire protection

18  district has at least one full time, paid employee, or contracts

                               p. 1                       HB 1172

_1  with another municipal corporation for the services of at least

_2  one full time, paid employee, is hereby authorized to levy each

_3  year an ad valorem tax on all taxable property within such

_4  district of not to exceed fifty cents per thousand dollars of

_5  assessed value, which levy may be made only if it will not affect

_6  dollar rates which other taxing districts may lawfully claim nor

_7  cause the combined levies to exceed the constitutional and/or

_8  statutory limitations.  The additional levy, or any portion of the

_9  levy, may also be made when dollar rates of other taxing units are

10  released by agreement with the other taxing units from their

11  authorized levies.


‑‑‑ END ‑‑‑

HB 1172                        p. 2