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State of Washington      57th Legislature     2002 Regular Session


By House Committee on Capital Budget (originally sponsored by Representatives Alexander and Murray)


Read first time 01/23/2002.  Referred to Committee on .

Establishing a joint select committee on local jail facilities.

    WHEREAS, Changes in sentencing, criminal laws, and community corrections have increased the number of inmates and the length of time served in local jails; and

    WHEREAS, Public health and safety depends on having sufficient space in jails for persons who constitute a danger to society, have violated parole, or who otherwise legally should be in jail but are not due to a lack of available space; and

    WHEREAS, There is a need for additional bed space for violent offenders; and

    WHEREAS, Many jails will need to be replaced or remodeled over the next ten to twenty years; and

    WHEREAS, Local governments need financial assistance in constructing new jails or making improvements to existing jails; and

    WHEREAS, The Legislature periodically has provided assistance to local governments in the past to build or renovate jails;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, By the House of Representatives of the state of Washington, the Senate concurring, That a joint select committee on local jail facilities be established to review alternatives to address capacity needs of local jails and regional jails, review funding options to address construction of new facilities and renovation of outdated jails and jails in need of repairs, and review funding options for the cost of operating jail facilities; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the committee consist of twelve members, six members each selected by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate and that the committee be represented by two members each, one from each major caucus, from the House Capital Budget Committee, House Appropriations Committee, and House Local Government Committee, four members, two from each major caucus, from the Senate Ways and Means Committee, and two members, one from each major caucus, from the Senate State and Local Government Committee; and

    BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the committee report its findings and recommendations to the Legislature at the regular session held in 2003.


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