ENGROSSED HOUSE BILL 2748





                        57th Legislature

                      2002 Regular Session


Passed by the House March 11, 2002

  Yeas 97   Nays 1




Speaker of the House of Representatives







Passed by the Senate March 7, 2002

  Yeas 48   Nays 1



I, Cynthia Zehnder, Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives of the State of Washington, do hereby certify that the attached is ENGROSSED HOUSE BILL 2748  as passed by the House of Representatives and the Senate on the dates hereon set forth.




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President of the Senate




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Governor of the State of Washington

                   Secretary of State

                  State of Washington



                     ENGROSSED HOUSE BILL 2748



                     AS AMENDED BY THE SENATE


             Passed Legislature - 2002 Regular Session


State of Washington      57th Legislature     2002 Regular Session


By Representatives Schual‑Berke and Anderson


Read first time 01/25/2002.  Referred to Committee on Education.

Requiring monitoring of programs for the education of highly capable students.  

    AN ACT Relating to monitoring programs for the education of highly capable students; and adding a new section to chapter 28A.185 RCW.




    NEW SECTION.  Sec. 1.  A new section is added to chapter 28A.185 RCW to read as follows:

    In order to ensure that school districts are meeting the requirements of an approved program for highly capable students, the superintendent of public instruction shall monitor highly capable programs at least once every five years.  Monitoring shall begin during the 2002-03 school year.

    Any program review and monitoring under this section may be conducted concurrently with other program reviews and monitoring conducted by the office of the superintendent of public instruction.  In its review, the office shall monitor program components that include but need not be limited to the process used by the district to identify and reach out to highly capable students with diverse talents and from diverse backgrounds, assessment data and other indicators to determine how well the district is meeting the academic needs of highly capable students, and district expenditures used to enrich or expand opportunities for these students.

    Beginning June 30, 2003, and every five years thereafter, the office of the superintendent of public instruction shall submit a report to the education committees of the house of representatives and the senate that provides a brief description of the various instructional programs offered to highly capable students.

    The superintendent of public instruction may adopt rules under chapter 34.05 RCW to implement this section.


                            --- END ---