HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 2001-4603, by Representatives Woods, Lovick, Cairnes, Wood, Jarrett, Clements, Skinner, Rockefeller, Miloscia, Morell, Santos, Ogden, Dunn, Veloria, Roach, Jackley, H. Sommers, Hunt, Lantz, Kenney, Fromhold, Anderson, Haigh, Keiser, Tokuda, Ahern, G. Chandler, Lambert, Carrell, Edmonds, Darneille, Kessler, Casada, Dickerson, Linville, Esser, D. Schmidt, Talcott, Hankins, Hatfield, Murray, Conway, Van Luven and Ruderman


      WHEREAS, January 15, 2001, is the day on which we as a nation commemorate the work and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dedicated his life to instill freedom, unity, justice, and peace in the hearts of the American people and throughout the world; and

      WHEREAS, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has become one of the world's best known advocates for nonviolent social change strategies; and

      WHEREAS, This noble man fought for his vision of a better future, to uphold the principles established in the Declaration of Independence that all people are created equal; and

      WHEREAS, The legacy left by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. serves as a reminder symbolizing the nation's dedication to peace through justice and a democratic society based on the standards of freedom, unity, equality, and justice for all people; and

      WHEREAS, The state of Washington commends the youth from the Institute for Community Leadership who are continually striving to integrate the principles of nonviolence taught by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. within their schools and peer groups; and

      WHEREAS, The United States Congress recognizes the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by creating a federal holiday; and

      WHEREAS, The efforts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. are also honored by the state of Washington by declaring a state holiday;

      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives, on behalf of the citizens of Washington state, pause in our endeavors to commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and recommit ourselves to a society founded on the standard of dignity for all races and all people.



      I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

      Resolution 4603 adopted by the House of Representatives

                         January 15, 2001.



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Timothy A. Martin, Co-Chief Clerk  Cynthia Zehnder, Co-Chief Clerk