HOUSE RESOLUTION NO. 2001-4662, by Representatives Romero, Hunt, Armstrong, Veloria, Kenney, G. Chandler, Ballard, Grant and Mulliken


       WHEREAS, Our nation, our state, and in particular the Manson and other Chelan County and North Central Washington communities earlier this month lost a wonderful treasure and a remarkable inspiration with the passing of our true friend and so very respected colleague, Esther Stefaniw; and

       WHEREAS, In making and living her principles to the very heart of her being, Esther Stefaniw made of her uncommon life a truly exceptional and honorable model of common sense for every one of us to follow; and

       WHEREAS, Raised in Brooklyn, Esther Stefaniw over the recent decades made Manson, Chelan County, North Central Washington, and each of the other diverse corners of the Evergreen State very much her home; and

       WHEREAS, The promise and motivation unquestionably inherent in the learning that happens every day in her neighborhood schools and in the community involvement that happens every day in her local government celebrates so well the work and passion of this caring, tremendous citizen; and

       WHEREAS, She and her husband operated an organic orchard; and one of their hygienic, wholesome creations was feted and honored with membership in the much-sought-after "Fruit of the Month Club"; and

       WHEREAS, Esther very admirably and honorably served her region as a member of the Chelan County Sheriff's Marine Patrol, keeping a close guard and beneficial watch over boaters, swimmers, and other users of Lake Chelan and the rivers of North Central Washington; and

       WHEREAS, In her courageous battle against the cancer with which she was first diagnosed six years ago and that was diagnosed again this past New Year's Eve, Esther Stefaniw's strong and enduring values taught us lessons we shall never and certainly should never forget; and

       WHEREAS, Though all too few, her years here among us will surely live on in everlasting encouragement as the magnificent merit of her motivation is reflected in our own years to come; and

       WHEREAS, In raising four wonderful children, Esther and her husband, Mark, soon commenced what became an unflagging commitment to the nurturing of youth and other school and family-related activities; and

       WHEREAS, Not long after her election almost twenty years ago to the Manson School District Board of Directors, her school-leader peers statewide recognized in Esther Stefaniw the caring, humane, and visionary qualities that go into the makings of a Washington State School Directors Association president; and

       WHEREAS, More recently, our cherished friend contributed indefatigable and inspirational service to county government, as well as inexhaustible work with the Chelan-Douglas Health District Board of Directors, the Regional Jail Committee, the Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board, the Working Together for the 21st Century group, and so many other civic-leadership organizations; and

       WHEREAS, Esther Stefaniw recognized the fundamental goodness, the intrinsic value, and the incomparable caliber in each and every individual; and

       WHEREAS, In untiring commitment to make her home a better place to call our home, Esther always trusted her sure-fire intuition; and

       WHEREAS, Her love for family and her allegiance for community, colleague, and country find perfect reflection in the boundless energy and talent which is the essence of this woman we revere, salute, and will never forget, Esther Stefaniw;

       NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the State of Washington celebrates the life, the work, and the dedication of Esther Stefaniw; and

       BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That copies of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Co-Chief Clerks of the House of Representatives to the family of Esther Stefaniw, to the Chelan County Commission, and to the Manson School District Board of Directors.


              I hereby certify this to be a true and correct copy of

              Resolution 4662 adopted by the House of Representatives

                                   May 24, 2001.

________________________________                      _____________________________

Timothy A. Martin, Co-Chief Clerk                   Cynthia Zehnder, Co-Chief Clerk