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                       HOUSE RESOLUTION 4708



State of Washington      57th Legislature     2002 Regular Session


By Representatives Sullivan, Ahern, Alexander, Anderson, Armstrong, Ballard, Ballasiotes, Barlean, Benson, Berkey, Boldt, Buck, Bush, Cairnes, Campbell, Carrell, Casada, Chandler, Chase, Chopp, Clements, Cody, Conway, Cooper, Cox, Crouse, Darneille, DeBolt, Delvin, Dickerson, Doumit, Dunn, Dunshee, Edwards, Eickmeyer, Ericksen, Esser, Fisher, Fromhold, Gombosky, Grant, Haigh, Hankins, Hatfield, Holmquist, Hunt, Hurst, Jackley, Jarrett, Kagi, Kenney, Kessler, Kirby, Lantz, Linville, Lisk, Lovick, Lysen, Mastin, McDermott, McIntire, McMorris, Mielke, Miloscia, Mitchell, Morell, Morris, Mulliken, Murray, Nixon, O'Brien, Ogden, Orcutt, Pearson, Pflug, Quall, Reardon, Roach, Rockefeller, Romero, Ruderman, Santos, Schindler, Schmidt, Schoesler, Schual‑Berke, Sehlin, Simpson, Skinner, Sommers, Sump, Talcott, Tokuda, Upthegrove, Van Luven, Veloria, Wood and Woods


Read first time 02/15/2002.  Referred to Committee on Rules.

Honoring children.

    WHEREAS, The people of the State of Washington celebrate CHILDREN as one of the most precious blessings our nation has ever been given; and

    WHEREAS, The CHILDREN are the future of Washington State and should be encouraged to reach for the stars so that they become doctors, lawyers, teachers, social workers, or anything else they aspire to be; and

    WHEREAS, It is our duty and privilege to instill in CHILDREN the faith, hope, charity, and integrity they need to continue the legacy of freedom, peace, and prosperity we have inherited from those who came before us; and

    WHEREAS, The CHILDREN of the State of Washington should be cherished and given a positive and secure environment that can help develop their talents, temperament, minds, and character; and

    WHEREAS, The CHILDREN of the State of Washington should know that their ideas and dreams are valued and respected because we take time to listen and encourage; and

    WHEREAS, CHILDREN are the responsibility of their parents, and all the citizens of the State of Washington should help them by setting examples of what it means to be good neighbors, law-abiding citizens, productive workers, and helpful friends; and

    WHEREAS, The CHILDREN of the State of Washington should have access to quality education, wholesome recreation, and a safe community; and

    WHEREAS, The Washington State House of Representatives welcomes children to the Chamber every Presidents' Day so they may witness firsthand the legislative process; and

    WHEREAS, The state has designated the second Sunday in October to commemorate the CHILDREN of the State of Washington;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives encourage all the citizens of Washington to celebrate children on Children's Day and throughout the year by spending more quality time with children and emphasizing their special place in our lives.


                            --- END ---